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Puffiness Under Eyes

puffiness under eyes is basically caused due to fluid and fat. Puffiness results when a fat pad that cushions the eye begins to pull away from the bone of the lower eye and sags due to age. Heredity makes this more of a problem for some people. Retaining water can also cause puffiness, especially in the morning. Thus if you see puffiness under your eyes, that is an indication that you're probably not getting enough water in your system and thus drink plenty of water. When a person is dehydrated the body starts storing water as a defence system and this will add to puffiness around the eyes. Also, under eye puffiness can indicate that you're sleeping on a pillow that is too flat, ingesting too much salt or perhaps celebrating with alcohol to a greater degree than normal. Excess salt intake, kidney or heart problems, steroid use and other conditions that cause water retention can create puffiness under eyes.

For puffiness caused by fat, cosmetic surgery is recommended to remove the fat pad. Making a minimal incision inside the lower eyelid, surgeons are able to remove the sagging fat pad that causes puffiness. Laser treatment to vaporise extra skin around the eyelid can also make a difference.

Tips for puffy eyes

  • The puffiness of the eyes can be reduced with a glass of ice water and four stainless steel spoons. Chill the spoons in the water and then place one over each eye. When the spoons become warm, switch them with the others chilling in the glass of water. Keep switching until you see improvement.
  • Settle down for two to five minutes with a chilled, steeped chamomile or green tea bag over each eye. The natural properties of these herbal teas help to bring puffy eyes back down to size.
  • Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and puffiness of eyes. Slice a large cucumber, reserve two slices to place over eyes. Peel and puree the remaining cucumber. This can be applied as a pack onto your face. Remove after fifteen minutes. Apply moisturiser thickly to seal in water.
  • A natural and effective treatment is to use vitamin E oil and rub the oil overnight around your eyes.
  • Strain the juice of grated potato and saturate cotton wool pads with it or lay the grated vegetable on the eye between the muslin. Slices of raw potato will soothe swollen eyelids and reduce swelling and puffiness.
  • A drop of perfectly fresh castor oil smeared along the eyelids will also remove puffiness.
  • A few egg whites stiffly beaten and applied with a brush to the face and under the eye will make the skin feel tighter and look less puffy. Add a drop or two of witch hazel, which also reduces swelling and will keep the egg whites from drying to rapidly.
  • Rinse your face in cold water when you wake up or when puffy eyes attack anytime of the day to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.
  • Avoid foods high in saturated fat and consume more fibre in your diet. Regularity helps move toxins out of the body, which helps control puffiness.
  • Get enough sleep. If you don't, the skin surrounding your eyes is guaranteed to swell. If you're out late Saturday night, log in a few extra hours on Sunday morning. You must get 8 hours sleep daily.
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated by two pillows. This allows fluid to drain overnight instead of collecting under your eyes, causing puffiness.

Note: If you continually have eye puffiness then go see your doctor. You could be having symptoms of sinusitis or allergies that can be cleared up by antibiotics or medication.

Make-up Tips

  • If your eyes are puffy, avoid dark eyeliners, which draw attention to under-eye bags.
  • Use eyeliner along the upper lash lines only; this helps open up eyes.
  • Go easy on the concealer; too much of it smeared on puffy tissue equals a beauty disaster. Moisturise beneath the eye area to ensure the concealer glides on smoothly.
  • Experiment with bright white or icy silver shades on your eyelids to give the illusion of lift.
  • Apply cosmetics between the inner eye and nose for instant lightness.

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post by v. p. from India at July 15, 2012
I have puffiness and dark circles under eye..from last six months with continuous.. there fore i look very tired.. so PLS give fastest home based solution for this.. otherwise give doctor details for this problem'ss solution
post by Diana Bartlett from Palm Beach Garden at February 26, 2012
I have puffiness under eyes after laser surgery to help wrinkles now have puffy eyes how do I get puffiness to go down
post by Michelle S from Davenport, Iowa at January 22, 2012
I can feel the puffiness and swollen skin under my eyes. not a pretty site. By the end of the day, I will have black eyes, have tried almost everything, If there is a easy answer I;m in for it. Do know if I intack to much salt, This makes it worse.
post by lisa from rororua at October 8, 2011
iv heard vthat hemroid cream help to.
post by Mary Toia from 5453 W. 61st Place, Mission, Kansas 66205 at September 21, 2011
After using a new mascara, my eyes became swollen for a week. Went to the doctor who gave me a prescription for the inflamation of my eyelids. Only part of the swelling went down. The swelling caused the fat tissue from around the eyes to go into the eyelid area (fat pads).
I would like to know it the fad pads can be removed with an eyelid lift (which I don't need) and is it covered by insurance in this case?
post by joy at September 28, 2009
how can i stop the itching of the eye

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