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Farsightedness, or hyperopia, occurs when an eyeball is too short for the focusing power of the lens and cornea. This causes light rays to focus behind the retina. As a result, the eye sees distant objects more clearly while near objects appear blurred. It is a condition in which your eye is underpowered. Correction requires a "plus" lens containing additional optical power to permit sharp vision of near objects.

How a spherical contact lens corrects hyperopia?

The shape of a hyperopic eye focuses images behind the retina, producing blurred vision of near objects.
By increasing the cornea's focusing power, a spherical contact lens corrects the refractive error, creating a single focal point on the retina where vision is sharpest.

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post by Manini from Varanasi at January 22, 2012
my vision is currently -4. What precautions should i follow to avoid worse vision?Should I go for LASER. My age is 22 yrs?
post by Rohit Agarwal at January 3, 2012
My son has -10 no. in both the eyes by birth. I am worried what should I do, he is only 8 years old. Should I go for laser or else what should I do.
post by avni from varanasi at December 1, 2011
Hello,my age is 24 & i m using computer since 3 years but now a days i feel that my eye sight is too weak pls suggest me some precaution
post by stevon mitchell at December 2, 2010
i past my science thank you eye care
post by gladys mancilla from cabanatuan at July 4, 2010
almost 2weeks im having a sore eyes but when my eyes is ok and no more sore eyes my eyes is uncleared vision.what will i do.
post by Nabila from New Delhi at February 1, 2010
i am using computer since 10 years i am having lazy eye pls suggest precautions

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